iMailXS+ – Free version

If you are a Startup company with limited budgets for your IT setup, we have a Free Entry door to the best Business Email solution in the world, just for you.

Free version comes loaded with all features that will just do everything you need for your startup business. Another reason to choose Free version is to “try before you buy” facility for SMEs and other businesses who are looking for Enterprise class Business Email solutions.


Free version of iMailXS+ consists of all the Features basic Business Email features provided by iMailXS+ Business Email solution, including :

iMailXS+’s Anti-spam is a No match for any competition. With success rate of over 99.5% Spam filtering, it is rated one of the best in the Industry, hence making this as one of the strong reasons why Businesses choose iMailXS+ for their Business email needs .

iMailXS+ also provides a strong Anti-virus filtering engine, with best in the class Virus protection mechanism. iMailXS+’s cloud is updated on minutes basis, keeping its business users updated with latest updates against the Global Virus threats. Over the last 10 years, this mechanism has proved another strong reason to choose iMailXS+, with success rate of over 99.8%.

As you require heavy sized files & business data to be sent & received, iMailXS+ provides huge file sizes to be uploaded with the Emails. With Free version this limitation is 10MB per Email.

Any email system is worthless without a Webmail in place, because it gives users the freedom to use email through web interface, anytime, anywhere, without the need for any Email Client software. iMailXS+ is amongst the most advanced Webmail Interface with Intuitive design & user friendly interface.

Where there are Email Servers, there are Email Clients and email clients work on protocols designed for them. POP3 & IMAP protocols are widely used protocols for Email retrievals and iMailXS+ uses them with the best of their abilities. However, iMailXS+ is also one of the few Businesses email solutions which provide facility for both POP3 & IMAP at the same time, giving its users a choice of protocols.

iMailXS+ Free

free business emails for startups


per month

  • 3GB Email Space
  • 3 Email Accounts
  • 1GB / ID Space per ID
  • 10MB Attachment Size
  • Built-In Antispam
  • Built-In Anti-Virus
  • Fully features Webmail
  • POP3/IMAP (Eudora, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mobiles)
  • SMTP Authentication
  • DNSBL/ RBL (Spam Databases) checking
  • Auto-responder / Vacation Email
  • Featurefull Control Panel
  • Your Business Branding
  • Catch-All account
  • Unlimited Email Aliases

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Best hardware

iMailXS+ involves best in the class Hardware for its Cloud setup. All servers are Intel Quad Xeon based machines with best configuration for robustness & efficiency


99.5% service uptime

No other competitor service gives upto 99.5% uptime guarantee, making true SLA supported iMailXS+ service amongst top, guaranteed, unmatched & undisputed


Live support 24×7

What better support it could be, when support is Live & 24x7x365 days. This special facility of iMailXS+ guarantees its clients to receive unparallel support anytime, anywhere.