iMailXS+ – Unlimited version

An unmatched solution offering virtually no limit to your Business Emails space & its features. iMailXS+ Unlimited version is the best solution if you are looking for freedom to every feature, freedom to space, freedom to usage.

iMailXS+ Unlimited comes packaged in per Email package. Every email has virtually Unlimited space with a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limitation of 50GB per email ID. However, you can utilise the space of other accounts who do not use the entire 50GB space, making iMailXS+ the only Business Email solution with such a Unique feature.


Unlimited version of iMailXS+ consists of all the Features provided by the Enterprise version plus some unique additional features listed :

iMailXS+ is the only Business Email solution in the world providing virtually Unlimited Email Space. However, it comes with a FUP (Fair usage policy) : Each account is allowed 50GB per ID per domain, but you are free to use spare Email Space of one account into another. For example, you enroll for a pack of 100 Email Accounts, entitling you to get 50GB x 100, i.e. 5000GB space allocation per your business-domain, due to FUP applicable. There may be say 50 accounts using only say 1GB space. However, FUP entitles you to use the balance 49GB x 50, i.e. 2450GB in even just a single account. Sounds crazy ?

All Account Email Archival is an extremely unique feature of iMailXS+, but with Enterprise version it also comes with Offline Monthly based CD with Email browsing software. A copy of All Email (both Incoming & Outgoing) can be browsed Offline (with limited Internet Connection for Authentication purpose only), hence making backup copy of each & every email received & sent by your Business Email accounts for any period.

iMailXS+ Weekly Backup takes backup of All accounts on the domain, enabling to restore in case any disaster event. Backup is taken on NAS/SAN devices attached to the iMailXS+ Storage system. Backup space is unlimited and the entire snapshot of the Accounts state is taken on Full & Incremental basis.

iMailXS+ Cloud Email Servers are online 24x7x365 and provide upto 99.5% uptime guarantee. The Store and Forward feature allows lossless email even when we have scheduled downtime for any of our Cloud Server. The Emails gets stored on a difference Store & Forward Server in the iMailXS+ Cloud, and get it stored for until the Main Cloud Nodes get up, resulting in 100% lossless email solution for you.

Priority Phone Support from iMailXS+ is an enhanced Support plan that provides direct anytime-access to the right level of technical support on the first call, making your priority our priority. This facility gives you a Priority phone number and calls are routed into a direct queue to our advanced skill technicians, providing faster response, usually less than one minute. Currently, this facility is available during working hours only.

Mobile App for iMailXS+ Administrators provides a featurefull interface to manage & monitor all Business email accounts & their activity. Now, no need to log onto your admin account on iMailXS+. All notifications directly land on your mobile. Reporting was never so easy & comprehensive. Currently this feature is in Beta version & available on request.

iMailXS+ Unlimited

best & unlimited business emails


per month

  • Unlimited Email Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited* Space per ID
  • Customisable Email Space
  • 50MB Attachment Size
  • Built-In Antispam
  • Built-In Anti-Virus
  • Fully features Webmail
  • POP3/IMAP (Eudora, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mobiles)
  • SMTP Authentication
  • DNSBL/ RBL (Spam Databases) checking
  • Auto-responder / Vacation Email
  • Featurefull Control Panel
  • Your Business Branding
  • Catch-All account
  • Unlimited Email Aliases
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding
  • Unlimited 3 Months Free Email Archival
  • Store & Forward Facility
  • Offline Email Archive (on CD)
  • Secure SSL SMTP
  • Weekly Backup
  • Online Ticket Support
  • Priority Phone Support

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*FUP applicable

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Best hardware

iMailXS+ involves best in the class Hardware for its Cloud setup. All servers are Intel Quad Xeon based machines with best configuration for robustness & efficiency


99.5% service uptime

No other competitor service gives upto 99.5% uptime guarantee, making true SLA supported iMailXS+ service amongst top, guaranteed, unmatched & undisputed


Live support 24×7

What better support it could be, when support is Live & 24x7x365 days. This special facility of iMailXS+ guarantees its clients to receive unparallel support anytime, anywhere.