iMailXS+ – Pro version

If you are an SME or a Small Corporate & looking for a start in Business Email Solutions, Pro version is the best choice for your Business

Pro version comes loaded with all Pro features of an Email system. From basic setups to Employee email monitoring to Unlimited Email Archiving ; you got everything in the Pro version to give you a giant leap over your competition.


Pro version of iMailXS+ consists of all the Features provided by the Free version with a lot of additional features listed :

iMailXS+ is the only Cloud-hosted solution which offers totally UNLIMITED email Accounts. There is virtually no limit for creating the number of Email Accounts. You can create email account till the last available Email Space.

iMailXS+ provides complete customization for email accounts. Admin or the Business owner is free to give whatever space per ID & also customize other accounts related features entirely. As the Business emails are hosted on the iMailXS+ cloud, such customization is freely possible.

As you require heavy sized files & business data to be sent & received, iMailXS+ provides huge file sizes to be uploaded with the Emails. With Pro version this limitation is 20MB per Email.

iMailXS+ Cloud Email Servers take regular backup of your Email on the iMailXS+ Cloud so that you do not retrieve your emails in case of any disaster. With the Pro version, this backup is taken on monthly basis, generally on the last day of the month during night hours. Hence, for Pro emails Mail restoration point is created on Monthly basis.

iMailXS+ support is available 24×7 through our Online Web based Ticket system. Our turn-around time for Online Ticket system is generally 6-12 hours. The iMailXS+ online support system is backed by our strong escalation system, so that your problems are automatically escalated to the next level, in case they remain unanswered or unattended by a level below, making it one of the best Support system available in the industry today.

iMailXS+ Pro

pro business emails for SMEs


per month

  • 5GB~25GB Email Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 50MB~2GB / ID Space per ID
  • Customisable Email Space
  • 20MB Attachment Size
  • Built-In Antispam
  • Built-In Anti-Virus
  • Fully features Webmail
  • POP3/IMAP (Eudora, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mobiles)
  • SMTP Authentication
  • DNSBL/ RBL (Spam Databases) checking
  • Auto-responder / Vacation Email
  • Featurefull Control Panel
  • Your Business Branding
  • Catch-All account
  • Unlimited Email Aliases
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding
  • Monthly Backup
  • Online Ticket Support

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Best hardware

iMailXS+ involves best in the class Hardware for its Cloud setup. All servers are Intel Quad Xeon based machines with best configuration for robustness & efficiency


99.5% service uptime

No other competitor service gives upto 99.5% uptime guarantee, making true SLA supported iMailXS+ service amongst top, guaranteed, unmatched & undisputed


Live support 24×7

What better support it could be, when support is Live & 24x7x365 days. This special facility of iMailXS+ guarantees its clients to receive unparallel support anytime, anywhere.