Catch-All & Fail Email Account

Emails are important, especially if they are business Emails. Your Customers or Business associations may send you email that may be extremely important, but unknowingly due to mistyped email address, these important emails may never reach you, especially if they are time bound. Hence, Cath-All facility may be used to “catch” such emails that actually are mistyped or in other words : their account do not exist. On the other side, there may be accounts that you never wish to capture emails for, called “Fail” accounts.

With iMailXS+, you create a Catch-All Account, which allows to capture emails for all those mistyped email addresses, which actually do not exist. So, now you can capture emails for even those accounts which do not exist on your domain. Also, iMailXS+ allows you to make Fail accounts for which iMailXS+ bounces emails back to its sender, saying this account is a Fail account and it doesn’t exist.

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Plans which support Catch-All & Fail Email Accounts :

– iMailXS+ Unlimited
– iMailXS+ Enterprise
– iMailXS+ Pro
– iMailXS+ Free

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