Unlimited Email Aliases & Forwards

Email Aliasing is an important feature required by many Businesses. It may be due to a wrong Email printed on your Business card or even for multiple Identities. However, you always wanted to receive those email in the same account (yourname@your-business.com), though it may have multiple aliases – your.name@your-business.com OR your_name@your-business.com

With iMailXS+, you get UNLIMITED Email Aliasing to your account. So, now create just One Mailbox account & give it a hundred names (Aliases). Whats more : you also get UNLIMITED forwards to facilitate email forwarding to any number of accounts, within or outside your domain.

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Plans which support Unlimited Aliases & Forwards :

– iMailXS+ Unlimited
– iMailXS+ Enterprise
– iMailXS+ Pro
– iMailXS+ Free

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admin-wide user-wide domain-wide

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