Anti-spam & Anti-Virus Email Protection

Spams & Viruses are the most problematic areas when it comes to Emails, making Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam protection as the key concentration point for Business hosts. Without a proper Spam & Virus filtering mechanism, Businesses loss a huge amount of time & money.

iMailXS+ uses World-class Anti-spam and Anti-Virus protection mechanism, making it one of the Best & most Trusted service in the World in terms of Spam & Virus Protection. Its Spam filtering agent is best in its class, which also gives the Businesses the option to directly filter all Spam or move them to the Junk folder. Our past records have proved that both Spam & Virus can be filtered upto 99.5% with great success.

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Plans which support Spam & Virus Protection :

– iMailXS+ Unlimited
– iMailXS+ Enterprise
– iMailXS+ Pro
– iMailXS+ Free

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