Incoming/Outgoing Email Monitoring

One of the greatest demand for every business is to be keep track of what its people are doing. With Email being one of the most easy way to leak the information to the outer world, it has become very important for the businesses to keep a track of ALL incoming as well as outgoing Business emails.

If you are looking for such solution, you are just at the right spot. One of the Unique features of iMailXS+ is Email Monitoring (or Tracking). iMailXS+ provides the most effective & efficient Email monitoring & tracking for ALL incoming / outgoing emails through a simple Admin Interface.

Another Unique feature is that with iMailXS+ you can create a Master-In and Master-Out account, in which you can keep copy of each & every email that enter or leaves your Business domain. To know more, view the plans below or ask for a demo below.

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Plans which support Email Tracking (Incoming/Outgoing) :

– iMailXS+ Unlimited
– iMailXS+ Enterprise
– iMailXS+ Pro
– iMailXS+ Free

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iMailXS - Email Monitoring - incoming
iMailXS - Email Monitoring - outgoing

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