Fully Customizable Mailbox

Today every Business owner or IT Administrator needs to fully manage & customise its Email Users for space & other email related features to the root level. Customization is the basic necessity of Business emails.

iMailXS+ provide FULL customization of the Mailboxes, including but not limited to :
– General Settings like Full Name
– Manage & reset Password
– Mailbox Quota (Space)
– Maximum Attachment Size
– Account Type – Internal, Admin, Normal, Monitoring
– Group Subscription
– Vacation Emails
– Email Forwarding
– Block Lists
– User Auditing
and much much more…

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Plans which support Customizable Mailbox :

– iMailXS+ Unlimited
– iMailXS+ Enterprise
– iMailXS+ Pro
– iMailXS+ Free

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admin-wide user-wide domain-wide
iMailXS - Custom User
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