Unlimited Mailboxes
Create UNLIMITED mailboxes per domain. The administrative control panel provides the server administrator to manage and control the amount of email boxes to be provided to each Email (MX) domain.

Customized Mailbox Sizes
The iMailXS+provides the facility to allow the administrators of the domain to customise the size of mailbox and mail size allowed. Each user@domain can be customised according to requirement.

Email Audit & Monitoring
Admin users can be enabled to monitor each user’s email (both Incoming & Outgoing)

Master Copy Accounts
iMailXS+ Server can be configured to maintain Master Copy accounts, which can maintain each & every email on the Archive so that no email is lost, even if the user deletes email from the Server.

Anti-Spam Filters
The iMailXS+ service comes with state-of-art Anti-Spam system which can be configured per user to stop spams to the user mailbox. Any incoming spam can easily be blackholed so that the user’s emailbox looks more cleaner. The anti-spam system is auto-learn and hence is capable of self-learning about your email user community to identify which is spam and which is not.

An advanced anti-virus system protects iMailXS Business Email Accounts from Viruses. The Anti-virus is capable of handling deadly viruses and blackhole them, when it catches them.

Catch All Accounts for all domains
Create Catch-All account for each domain which will automatically catch & receive all emails for those accounts that do not exist. This way you do not lose any email that is even mistakenly sent to wrong email address.

Customised User-based & Domain-based Email Filters
Each email and domain has its own Block Filters, that can be customised based on different header values to match for. So, each user can add Email-block filters that allow him to block emails of type that he doesnt wish to receive.

Advanced POP3 and SMTP Authentication
iMailXS+ comes with highly sophisticated POP3 & SMTP services, that takes care of the whole Mail Transport System. The advanced MTA takes care of the whole email storage and SMTP system, which can be customised for Basic/Advanced Authentication methods.

Unlimited Mail Aliases & Forwards
Create and manage unlimited Email Aliases for single Mailbox, so that 1 mailbox can have unlimited Aliases (Names). Also, the mailboxes can automatically forward emails to the desired email address.

Auto Responders / Vacation Emails
Create and Manage Auto-Responders/Vacation emails that will automatically reply to the sender your desired message. Very useful feature when you are out or want your senders to be replied generously leaving an auto-reply message in their emailbox.

Administrative User Monitoring
An extremely useful features for organisations that require to monitor what their employees/members are doing. The Administrative monitor allows the user’s emails to be monitored by its senior or as desired. A must feature for all organisations, capable of letting the administrators/management to monitor what emails are being received by their sub-ordinates, without even letting them know

Advanced Anywhere Webmail
Highly featured webmail allows on-the-move facility for your users to check email anytime anywhere across the globe. Highly user friendly and fully featured Webmail is fast, reliable and effective solution for anyone.

Control Panel
The Email Server comes with fully featured Control Panel for all level of users including domain administrators, site administrators & Normal Users. The state-of-art Control Panel is highly Scalable & customizable to your requirement. Built In-house by Conjoinix, the Control Panel is a special attraction with more features that you could ever imagine.

Group Emails / Email lists
Add multiple email accounts to a Group and use it to send email to multiple email account at one time, by just sending single email to the group only.

Bounce, Spam Blackholes and Virus Notifier
iMailXS+ managed Bounced, Spam and Virus emails using its comprehensive security architecture and Notifies Domain Admins for regular updates.

Parrallel POP3/ IMAP Service
Choice of managing & retreiving email using POP3 and IMAP service, both at the same time.

Weekly & Monthly Backup
Email account are backed up on as-in basis on weekly & monthly backup.

Upto 12 Months Archiving
Retrieve emails from any account for past upto 12 months records.

Unlimited Backup / Archiving Space
Unlimited space for all backups / archiving

Completely Customizable
iMailXS+ Service can be further customised for custom apps.